Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Italy Bound

Scott and I are headed out for an eleven day trip to Italy!!!  After the kids were squared away, bags packed and we were on the plane, it dawned on me that it had been almost 9 years since Scott and I last travelled together without our precious kiddos. Internationally speaking. Grateful to amazing grandmpaerns and Aunts for making this trip possible.

Another realization- we were last in Italy 20 years ago!  Practically as young newlyweds, we managed to timber so self consciously thru Rome and Venice in 2007.  So much fun to come again and get to check out other parts of Italy. We are spending a few days in Milan, attending an beautiful wedding in Lake Como region, then chilling out with good food and wine at a B&B in Tuscany.

We had great travel here. Thanks for joining us as Heare to There continues...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jerusalem In Depth

Day 6 -  We hired Esmail, friend & driver of Kramer's to help navigate the Old City for us.  Of course, we walked through all the sites as Scott taught, but when it made sense, Esmail would pick us up at one gate and drive us around to another.

View from the Mount of Olives

1,000 year old Olive trees

Church of the Nations

Slipped into old stompin' ground for a trip down memory lane and to give a sweet friend a hug!
We ended the evening with a beautiful light show at the Tower of David.  It was so cold that Pat & I decided to sneak our hotel robes into the outdoor Museum.  We looked adorable and stayed warm - although we did receive a few funny looks!


Day 5 - Left Caesarea Phillipi and headed to Jerusalem!  We returned rental car, (I'm officially retired as tour driver!) and headed into the Old City on foot.  First stop - Jacob's Pizza, of course!  Air-conditioned, just-like-home pizza dive with Tom & Jerry playing on the TV.  This was a favorite spot of the kids when we lived here and a must show to our friends Pat & Charlie.  Pat was giggling while watching Tom & Jerry which gave the rest of us a tickle!

We had dinner with Rabbi Peter Tarlow and his lovely wife Sarah.  They were the most fascinating couple.  They are working earnestly on a satellite of Texas A & M in Nazareth!!!  What better people to introduce them to than the most devoted A&M fans, Pat & Charlie!  Had a beautiful evening at a restaurant called 1848.  The restaurant holds one of the oldest wineries in Jerusalem.  Why didn't we snap a picture of our wonderful new friends??

Anne Kleinberg - Queen of Caesarea

I will have to write to Anne and ask her for the names of the amazing dishes she served up over a 5-course dinner.  She has a beautiful home and is such the gracious hostess.  Anne is a treasure to talk to and she gave us all a a little better perspective on the current state of Israel.

Anne between Charlie & I.  I was being silly I suppose!

One of my favorite places - Caesarea of Phillipi.  Amazingly gorgeous and so full of history!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sitting alongside the Mediterranean, enjoying a wonderfully cool breeze.  Time to catch up on the blog!

Day 2 - We started our day in the desert at Timna.  Saw a replica of the Tabernacle - true to the design requirements laid out in the Torah, then proceeded onto Masada.  This was our getting over jet-lag day.  Awesome time in the beautiful desert.  Spent the night at the Dead Sea.  I want to share that by the time I got down to the water, I had the Dead Sea all to myself!  Everyone else had left for the day.  I just giggled and enjoyed the quiet moment of serenity as I bobbled in the water by myself.  Couldn't convince the others to go, but I loved it!

Day 3 - We started out at En Gedi discussing living waters.  The trip took me back to 2008 when we were there with friends on the RVL filming tour.  Special memories of real emotional and spiritual healing.  Made a quick stop to Qumran where we learned about the dedicated Essenes.  We finished the day meeting our archeologist friend Joel who walked us around Tel Jericho.  Turns out the walls really did come crumbling down!  As if we ever doubted!  God's word is true and scientific discovery is only proving it more an more.  Exciting to see such a recent dig.  Thank you Joel Kramer.

En Gedi.  Where David hides from Saul.

We had dinner at our favorite steak restaurant in the Galilee.  Delicious meal and delightful company.  Spent the night in Tiberias.  Not my favorite city but lively.

Day 4 - Our tour through the Galilee where Jesus did the majority of his teachings.  We went to Capernaum, Nof Ginosar, saw a likely eremos tapos and ended our day in lovely Caesarea.  Tonight we stay with our dear friend Anne Kleinberg.  A little piece of heaven on earth!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 1 - Petra

Wednesday, May 14 - We started the morning off at 6:30am with a boxed up breakfast from the hotel.  Caught a shuttle over to the Jordan border crossing with Eco Tours and a group of about 30 people.  I know border patrol has significantly reduced violence between countries, but it sure seemed like a lot of red-tape to us.  An hour, many passport checks and several admitting stamps later, we were off to Petra.

We made a quick pit stop en route to appreciate the amazing views of the Jordanian mountains.  It was a spectacular view, however, I took a nasty fall going up the stairs.  How very ridiculous!  My Tivas sandals slipped on a granite staircase and next thing I knew I was trying to catch myself.  Luckily, I landed on my knew a few inches below my knee cap.  Dented my knee at first and now has swelled up like a bruised egg.  It ached a little, but I was able to make hike into the caverns of Petra.  Very grateful it wasn't worse!

Scott icing down my knee.  Ugh!

Pat & Charlie catching ride back up in horse-drawn carriage.  Not bumpy in the slightest!
Petra has been described as the eighth wonder of the world.  Was makes it fascinating in part is its location.  It is  like a gem hidden in the mountains in a great cavern.  The colors and the nature made trail down to it were beautiful.  The cavern walls were probably 60-70 feet up on both sides of you.  They twist and turn and just when you think they will never end, boom - there is a beautiful ancient facade cut out of sandstone.  (You may remember it ifrom Indiana Jones and the last crusade.)  They don't know exactly how old it is because every empire that occupied that area took control of it and added their own touches to it.  Nabateans, decendants of the Edomites, are believed to have originated the structures.  

Charlie & Pat enjoyed the wander down there, probably a few miles in.  They decided to ride a horse-drawn carriage on the way out since it goes up-hill.  Camels were the other option.  That would have been a site.  Great day and now enjoying a beautiful night in Eilat.  Tomorrow we start our trek up towards the Dead Sea.

Blessings & love,

Cathi & the gang

View of Jordan after crossing border crossing from Israel.

Dang!  How'd they do that?!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Touring with the Wiseman's

Scott & I are en route to Israel with friends Pat & Charlie Wiseman.  We are going to take 8 days to tour through the country together.  Highlights will include Petra, the Galilee region and of course, Jerusalem.
It has been two years since I've been back.  Funny - this is my fourth trip to Israel.  If someone had told me 10 years ago that I'd frequent this country, I don't know that I would have believed them.

We left SA yesterday, May 12.  Short stop in France before going on to Tel Aviv tonight.  We will catch our 4th plane to go ahead and get down to Eilat.  It will be a mild day in the 80's there today.  Last time I was in Eilat was in the scorching summer heat with the kids at the Club Hotel!  Who remembers our ShowBiz animatronics from our hotel?!  Such a fun, silly memory.

Promise to post lots of great pics and keep you update on our adventure.  Thanks for joining us again!